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    Lawn Mowing Montgomery AL

    Our trustworthy team provides landscaping and lawn care services in Montgomery, Alabama. We provide a wide selection of lawn maintenance services for our residential and commercial clients. Whether you need lawn mowing, trimming, aeration, weed or pest control, we got you covered! We offer affordable landscaping and lawn care services because everyone deserves quality lawn care without breaking the budget!

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    Landscaping Montgomery AL

    At our establishment, we offer a variety of landscaping services in Montgomery, AL as well as other nearby areas. Our landscapers have years of experience and resources to give you the landscaping results that you deserve. Our company offers commercial and residential landscaping for our clients. We provide affordable landscape work for all range of projects: lawn maintenance, planting flowers, pine straw, mulch, and rock installation and even more! We also offer assistance for the patio, walkway, and driveway. Some big project landscaping services that we offer include sod installation, sprinkler installation and tree removal. We understand that some homeowners are too busy to deal with their trees and shrubs, which is why we are proud to say that we offer assistance! Whether you need trimming, pruning, flower bed installation, we got you covered. If you feel that your house lacks some lighting and desire for your property to shine at night, feel free to call us for exterior lighting! Our business offer exterior lighting, ensuring that you have the classiest looking house in the neighbourhood.

    Lawn Maintenance Montgomery AL

    landscaping Montgomery al

    It is essential to maintain the condition of your lawn all year round to prevent lawn disease, pests or weed from forming. Some lawn care to consider is lawn mowing, seeding, aeration, fertilizing, raking and thatch removal—all of which we provide at our lawn care company that which is located in Montgomery, AL. At our establishment, we provide fall and spring clean up for our clients. Our spring cleaning package includes raking dead grass, mowing the lawn, applying fertilizer, and spot treating weeds. Occasionally, soil can become too damp when it is overwatered or in humid conditions. Thick condensed soil will negatively affect the grass health as it doesn’t allow nutrient absorption. Our company offers aerator and core aeration, both of which are the most effective methods of aeration. We encourage you to hire our professional lawn care providers so that we can keep your lawn growing green and healthy.

    Lawn Aeration Montgomery AL

    Thatch Removal Montgomery AL

    Have you ever walked through your grass and noticed the mud footprints you leave behind. Your land should be reliable, not muddy! Aeration is a common practice to relieve the soil from being restricted and condense. It involves creating holes in the ground, allowing air circulation through the dips. This improves the absorption of nutrients and water. You can DIY aeration by creating holes with a pitchfork. The efficient way to aerate is by applying holes with an aerator. At our Montgomery lawn care establishment, we offer core aeration to create many holes on a wide range of surfaces in a short amount of time. With an aerator, we are confident in puncturing holes in all surfaces swiftly. Especially in the fall, layers of straws can form on condensed soil, restricting fertilizer penetration and sunlight exposure. Thatch removal can solve this problem; however, when done incorrectly, it can leave the roots exposed. We encourage our professional lawn care and landscaping company because we are precise and efficient with aeration and thatch removal. We guarantee customer satisfaction!

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    Lawn Fertilization Montgomery AL

    Applying fertilizer to your lawn is an essential process in lawn maintenance to give proper nourishments and prevent weeds and diseases from forming. We prefer to choose fertilizer based on your grass’s needs rather than a “for-all” product. If your lawn is not as green or growing healthy, we will select a fertilizer with a high concentration of nitrogen. Nitrogen promotes the production of photosynthesis and specifically, chlorophyll, which is what gives the green coloring of plants. If your grassroots are weak, we will focus on products with phosphorus. The third common ingredient in fertilizer is potassium, which gives your lawn resistance to drought and diseases. We assure you we can cover your entire lawn, no matter the size because we have the equipment and resources. For a more significant-sized yard, we will use a broadcast or rotary speaker for wide distribution. However, we will use a drop spreader for controlled distribution. We can assure you that we will cover your lawn edge to edge with fertilizer.

    Weed Control Montgomery AL

    Weeds can form due to the lawn’s poor health. It is difficult for weeds to spread and grow if the yard is healthy. If the roots are growing strong, the grass is growing tall and green; weeds would have a difficult time prospering. However, if you notice that there are lots of unwanted plants growing and spreading in your lawn, you should consider getting a spot-killing treatment, as well as improving the overall lawn health. Some weeds that are seen as pretty and attractive are daisies, purple deadnettles, white clovers and dandelions. These colorful plants are causing more harm than they look! They have deep roots which make it difficult to extract without proper equipment. Some other common weeds that are difficult to get rid of are Crabgrass, Nutsedge, Thistle, Quackgrass, and even more. We highly recommend calling our advanced Montgomery lawn care providers for weed control because we are knowledgeable in killing weeds without affecting nearby healthy plants. We can be gentle yet aggressive for all circumstances.

    Weed control Montgomery al

    Lawn Disease Control Montgomery AL

    lawn disease Montgomery al

    With a lack of maintenance, lawns can become weak, inviting diseases to form and spread. Just like weeds, lawn disease can occur if the environment allows it. Lawn diseases are typically fungus that grows and feeds on grass. There are a variety of signs that you should notice; however, the common ones are brown or yellow discoloration in patches, dry hay-like texture, Some diseases such as red thread or snow mold appear due to colder and dryer seasons. It naturally disappears on its own without treatments. However, conditions such as fairy rings, mildew, and leaf spots require extensive treatments. Our company is selective on the products we use for our client’s lawn. We tackle the issue by preventing regrowth of fungus and diseases. Our team combats lawn disease through the application of premium antifungal products. Call for a free quote and lawn inspection.

    Pest Control Montgomery AL

    When thinking about a landscape of grass and flowers, we also think about the bees, butterflies, spiders and mantis that roam around the place. These insects are vital for your lawn and garden as they spread pollen, as well as kill bad pests that are harmful to your landscape. Some common pests that can ruin your grass are white grub, aphids, armyworms, termites and more! It’s essential to spot the signs as early as possible because some insects can start underground eating the roots. Then once grown, they can easily travel to other parts of the land and eat away the grass. Some signs of a pest problem are brown spots, dead grass patches, bite marks on the lawn, missing roots and small holes in the soil. It is essential to call our reliable pest control crew to treat insect infestation by applying insecticide. We will carefully assess the progress after 1-2 weeks of application.

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    We provide expert lawn care services in Montgomery, Hope Hull, Rolling Hills, Rolling Lakes, Antioch, Blue Ridge, Redland, Millbrook, Dosterville, Burkville and more.