Lawn Aeration Montgomery AL

Behind every spectacular lawn lies consistent and tactful lawn care efforts. Lawn aeration service is an overlooked but crucial component of lawn care and maintenance. No matter how good the lawn, it is always in need of yearly aeration. This is because even seemingly harmless acts like entertaining in your lawn, allowing the kids to play or your dog to run can end up compacting your lawn soil. 

Aeration helps in de-clumping compacted soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of the vegetation growing in your lawn.

Lack of aeration can lead to thinning of the grass and eventual empty patches. 

aeration and thatch removal Montgomery al

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    Lawn Aeration Montgomery AL

    We provide highly technical lawn aeration service that keeps your garden soil in good health. We utilize high-tech aerators to provide core aeration to your lawn surface, no matter how big or small your lawn. Our aeration services work very well in a number of different types and textures of soil within a short period of time. 

    We provide precise, efficient, and professional aeration services to keep your lawn breathing so that your grass and plants can too. 

    Thatch Removal Services Montgomery

    If you have a lawn, you would know that thatch will develop over time, no matter how much you try to prevent it. Thatch begins to get deposited as the grass grows. In time, excessive accumulation of thatch cuts off the supply of essential nutrients, air, and water to the grassroots. This leads to thinning and eventually dead grass.

    That’s why dethatching your lawn is non-negotiable when it comes to maintaining a lush lawn. 

    Our thatch removal service efficiently removes any accumulated thatch on condensed soil, making way for fresh grass to grow. We always perform thatch removal during summer and especially fall to make sure you get the most out of the process. The removed thatch can later be used to make compost and be reutilized in the lawn. We do believe in a no waste policy. 

    After dethatching, your lawn gets cleaner, greener, and healthier every passing day. 

    Services to Restore Your Lawn

    Apart from aeration and dethatching, we also provide lawn restoration and renovation services that help transform even badly damaged lawns into lawns worth showing off. We tackle thin turf, bare spots, compacted soil, bumpy surface, and a host of other issues.