Landscaping Montgomery AL

Landscaping refers to the modification of any piece of lawn in a manner that improves its aesthetic appeal, creating a green space that protects and preserves the environment. A beautifully landscaped lawn can draw the admiration of your neighbors. At the same time, if you choose to plant your lawn with native flora and fauna, it can help the environment significantly. Landscaping creates a green and thriving outdoor space that inspires healthy living. 

We provide full scale landscaping services at reasonable costs for residential and commercial properties. 

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    Landscaping Services Montgomery

    We provide an array of landscaping services including lawn maintenance, planting flowers, pine straw, mulching, rock installation, sod installation, sprinkler installation and tree removal. Not just that, we also provide all the assistance that lawn owners require post landscaping. With us, you get the whole package. 

    Lawn Maintenance Montgomery

    Lawn maintenance is an absolute necessity to keep your lawn clean, green, and manicured all year round. We provide professional mowing, yard cleanup, edging, weeding, mulching, scraping, raking services and much more to help keep your lawn in top condition all year round. 

    Seasonal Yard Cleanups Montgomery AL

    No matter how clean your lawn, debris formed by twigs, fallen leaves, dried grass, and much more are bound to pile up in your lawn. If not cleaned, these debris can harm your lawn by affecting the health of the flora and fauna growing in it. That’s why you need seasonal yard cleanups during summer, fall, and even winter. We also help in trimming and pruning shrubs during our cleanup sessions. 

    Mulching & Weeding Montgomery AL

    We provide spot killing treatment to clean your lawn of unwanted growth including flowers and weeds like crabgrass, nutsedge, thistle, quackgrass, and others. We have the experience and the equipment required to clean your lawn of debris without harming healthy flora and fauna. 

    Edging Montgomery AL

    Edging is the process by which the lawn or garden bed is prepared for planting. It helps in clearly defining flower beds and demarcating areas for plant growth. Our professional servicing prevents the grass from creeping into flower beds and spoiling the landscaping of your lawn.

    Shrub and Bush Trimming Montgomery AL

    A neatly maintained lawn is also an outcome of regular trimming and pruning. We provide periodic shrub and bush trimming services to ensure your lawn looks manicured and stays well maintained without you breaking a sweat.