Lawn Maintenance Montgomery AL

A nicely maintained lawn adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house. But apart from the beautification factor, there are many more reasons to maintain your lawn. 

Lawn maintenance is much more than just mowing. It involves a plethora of activities that keeps your lawn safe from harm’s way. Maintenance involves keeping errant weeds and pests at bay, ensuring your flowers and shrubs stay in the pink of their health, and the grass always healthy, clean, and inviting. 

Lawn maintenance is indeed a task for the experts. 

That’s why, we at Lawn Maintenance Montgomery AL provide the following services to keep your lawn spic and span, always.

lawn mowing service Montgomery al

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    Complete Lawn Care Service Montgomery

    We take care of mowing, seeding, aeration, fertilizing, raking and thatch removal. We even offer fall and spring cleaning services – pruning during the onset of winter and spring is the key to healthy lawns. In this package, you get everything you need to keep your lawn looking attractive and healthy. 

    Weekly and Biweekly Lawn Mowing Montgomery

    Mowing your lawn regularly has multiple benefits. A well-groomed turf helps you: 

    Get stronger, greener, cleaner grass – the first step to getting lush lawns. It also aids in even growth all over your lawn.

    Get essential mulch. Mulching provides the nutritional boost that the soil needs to help you grow a fabulous lawn full of grass, flowers, and shrubs. 

    Reduce pest attacks and weed growth. Any lawn, no matter how well maintained, is susceptible to nuisances. Regular mowing healthifies your lawn and helps it recover fast by eradicating pests. 

    That’s why, we provide professional biweekly and weekly lawn mowing service to provide consistent, effortless care to your lawns.

    Grass Cutting Services Montgomery AL

    Grass cutting is an essential part of promoting deep root growth and density. But at the same time, you need to cut the grass at the correct height to promote proper growth. Our expert gardeners provide the best-in-class grass cutting services for the correct maintenance of your lawn. 

    Edging, Mulching, Weeding

    The trifecta of eding, mulching, and weeding helps in preparing, fertilizing, and sanitizing your garden bed. We provide a complete solution for your lawn by edging it to redefine the lawn bed, weeding it for pest elimination, and finally mulching it for water retention and nutrient penetration.

    Aeration & Fertilization

    Lawns and garden beds often get damp, resulting in soil condensation. This in turn prevents the grass and other plants from deriving the essential nutrients from the soil. We provide state-of-the-art core aeration and use aerators to keep your grass healthy. Along with our organic, toxin-free fertilization, we ensure your lawn is always hale and hearty. 

    Residential Lawn Care

    Our residential lawn service includes pest control, weed control, fertilization, soil testing, aeration, seeding, and all the other services required for maintaining residential lawns. 

    Commercial Lawn Care

    We are well-equipped to provide all-round lawn care service for commercial lawns. We ensure turf health and soil care alongside all other necessary maintenance activities through our commercial lawn service.